We understand you have concerns regarding COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus). The health of our customers, visitors, and employees are important to us. According to the CDC, the virus primarily spreads from person to person and may be transmitted through hard surfaces, frequently touched objects, or even currency. Because of this, we encourage limiting face-to-face contact and communicating through electronic and digital systems.


All policies (phases) are subject to change based on Federal, State, and local government requirements.


The District will be posting helpful preventative information on our website and in our public display case for our customers. The District will also try to post information on how customers can get help with their utility bills during this pandemic when information is available. Please review our website www.eastcedarcreek.net and click on the Covid – 19 tab for any updated information.



  • The District will not perform residential/business disconnections (shut water off) for non-payment of bills for a 30-day period starting March 20, 2020.
  • To protect customers and employees from illnesses the district may begin estimating usage instead of actual meter reading of water meters.
  • The Administration office is closed to walk-in traffic. For requests regarding new turn-ons, cost estimates for new water/sewer installs and customers concerns, please call our office number (903) 887-7103 during normal office hour 8:00AM – 4:00 PM.
  • We will still respond to emergency calls after normal business hours as normal.
  • A list of resources who assist with customer’s utility bills will be printed on all bills, emails, and posted at the Administrative office. The statement will also encourage customers who can help others to contact these resources.
  • Please refrain from flushing material into the district sewer system such as flushable wipes that really do not separate when in contact with water. Non- biodegradable material creates clogging problems in grinder tank pumps, lift station pumps and at our wastewater treatment plants. If our customers adhere to this request it will help reduce extra work for our employees and help keep our costs from increasing to you, our customer.